The Story Of Mundane

Woke up early Monday morning, coffee brewing, paper on the table;

Traffic and weather tuned in on the radio.

What happens from here to there?

Blank stare, some frequency bare?

Fists clenching cases, the rats run the races, no time to spare.

I observe the drone, the repetitive nature of the home owner.

Drive plastic cars, to get plastic money, hi-fi tv and cable ready!

Is it steady, is it stable, never at the dinner table anymore?

Overtime has you by the balls?

Went shopping at the super mall, the supermarket, have no money? It’s OK will charge it!

Bills to follow; better button that collar and get to the office!

Push some buttons, call some clients, kiss some ass, do some lying – cause who’s gonna know?

Day over, sit in traffic, stop at the burger joint and drive to the window,  is that meat in the rapper? You think as you swallow.

Where is the downtime? Did you ever look up? Did you notice the seeds grew you planted in the yard? Did you laugh today? Did your kids go out to play? Nothing to say, cause you’re oh so tired.

Eyes look drawn and wired.

Stress, takes a toll.

Heart starts to go.

Everyone watches you fall.

You hear the distant call…

When you return, the dream burns to the ground.

Life IS all around, welcome to who you really are.

Changes come fast, filled with all your purpose,

Nothing like before, you walked through  door and will never lose the key.

A whole other world, love is like a bird, now you are free.

Give thanks for the blessing,

Share the message with all you meet.

Help change others lives, from the blank to the light, bring the other side through.

Walk without fear, everything is clear now, look back on the old you.

Now never turn around, feet on the ground, heart in the sky.

Never ask why, just fly…

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