Angels Of Wilderness

Here I am, in the middle of my room,

On my knees dear Angels.

I come to you oh so very bare.

No pride, no shame or wisdom in my hands.

Just I, with hardly a breath.

I shall not ask from you selfish.

I beg to understand.

All that I am, all I have, what ever is left;

It is yours.

For the will of man, I do not posses.

I wonder aimless in the gift of wilderness.

The lessons are at last above my reach.

Angels divine, please believe me,

I gave all I can.

In the darkness when you shine, I fall to the floor and sing hosannas on high.

In the hours you hold my hands, my heart is in your gentile caress,

I write the vision.

No one else will listen.

No one else really cares.

I always stand, without fear, alone.

I do give love unconditional.

My human soul, is longing to hold a hand.

Please forgive me for my selfish mask.

I tried with all my being to stop.

To be strong and carry on the path.

I called to the Masters, the Elders the Spirit guides,

There I sat, still.

Healed my past, forgave every last wound left open.

Came to the land of mystery unfolding.

So here I am.

In the wilderness with Angels.

My sanctuary, everlasting, by the sea, under the sun

Wondering if I carry on – or just give up.


Come Forward

Glory to all!

Touch thy womb, thy breath, thy palms with tears.

Fallen to your knees children, innocent and wept.

For on this day, great change comes to thee!

Upon thy house built of mortar and stone, thy will falters.

Weak and stumbling come forth and lay beside me.

Cease such inertia, as your fingers tremble and eyes cast shadows.

 Peer to the ground and remove all stone from your path,

The road you pave shall not be one of heavy rock.

The river runs underfoot, follow the winding birth.

It shall bring you to distant shores of tranquility.

Listen to the whispers of the trees, leave thy roots.

The wisdom is not in the ground!

No, the way of the Spirit is in the wind dancing in the branches!

 Sway as a leaf, ride the storm to come like the eagle!

 Be the mystery you are.

The sea is your guide beyond eyes.

It’s time.

The Purpose

Search, seek, ask, wait for the answer.

Mission, transition, submission to the flow.

Dilate, relate, complicate existence.

Move forward, step back, fear and desire are common axis.

We grasp.

Universal coalition, came by a slit in the time continuum.

Born of the stars, work at the gate, connecting like souls as they spin and vibrate.

The Universe is alive, it reaches and thrives as we sleep.

We come as a dream,  oh how does one wake?

Slowly, mindfully, compassionately, softly.

That is why time is in place, to set the pace.

If you force the change, your mind gets deranged,

There is reason for everything.

Do not tamper the laws, human flaw wants results fast.

Make your lessons here last, relish with reverence the cause.

There is beauty, tranquility, unity, serendipity.

There is thought, action, reaction, satisfaction.

Progressions, regression, transmutation, revelation.

All part of being.

Blind and seeing, present and lost in the self.

Ego is a shelf we sit covered in illusions.

Then comes truth.

The greatest question of mankind.

What shall we find in the mist of it all?

Mystery, complexity, diversity, honesty.

The book of life has no end.

Scrolled across the levels of light, eternity writes the script.

What is thy purpose?

All of IT

Subatomic Love Thing

Translucent chords drip over my eyelids as the spindle and sirens turn, light everlasting, from the orchestral universe 

Pull me into convergence, the solar sonatas rise. Kiss me through the ether, encase me with your fire. 

Walk in incognito, perceptive fluidity 

Words turn into matter, lust is energy. 

Can you touch me here, between the hemispheres 

Subatomic fusion, creates a strong illusion. 

Prisms of your flight reflecting in my eyes. 

 Iridescent traveler, reach me on this night. 

Pull me into orbit, stretch me between light. 

Scorch my breasts with whispers, 

Touch my sacred space, open me like a lotus 

Our love will radiate. 

Take me in this slumber, to another plane 

Fill me with your wonder, 

In the outer limits. 


Collective conscious

What does it all mean?

Similar polarity.

blatant synchronicity.

Two lives – same dream.

Do I follow, do I flee?

The world can be so shallow,

How I want to believe.

I ask for compassion from the Angels to see.

Am I just grasping at straws?

Should I just fade to obscurity?

My heart wants to lead,

My soul began to shine,

What if I am just a flake?

Maybe I am out of my mind.

The more I deny, shut down;

Close my eyes – I cry inside.

A blessing, a curse;

To feel the words,

To experience the notes.

Life lessons align, is this divine design?

Would you hold your hand in mine, as we walk through?

Is the impossible the real truth?

I don’t know what to do.

I’m numb,

I lost the hum.

Inspiration faded,

I feel blank and separated.

Does it matter anymore?

I’m at the door.

Two worlds.


Time stood still.

The syncretistic chill forever calls.

I fall, into oblivion.


A Seed

Life is a turning flower, love is the growing seed,
To the sun the flower will turn, when the rain started it’s journey.
The flower blooms in the warmth and splendor,
Of bright summer skies.
In the winter, the flower dies,
Still, we remember its beauty.
Love is the flower, intention the seed;
What we speak in creativity, is the soul facing the sun.
Spirit is never wrong, in this truth there is perfection.
If you put the flower in a pot, you are not creating nature.
The flower needs freedom, space, earth and sky.
The flower is meant for all to experience,
Like you and I.
One day, the love may die;
But the beauty, lives on…

Ahead Of Your Time

Rejected from sound, there was a stray who tore the rules down.

Mocked and proofread, under a microscopic society,

Deliver me he screamed.

Eyes of unprejudiced, could see masterpieces in the concepts of humanity.

Called him mad, pointed fingers.

He never wore the coat of a prophet;

No one could interpret his vision,

Abstract and silent, as it fell on deaf ears.

Took years to impact – like an asteroid blast into the atmosphere!

More then just presence, the words became linear.

Got into the psyche, arranged and left a mark.

A quark began, the Universe caved in.

Sound would ring;

There is no barrier – when the mind is free.

No care for the judges.

No fear for the witness.

Never stood for reason, never turned to shame.

Always the scrutiny – the world needed someone to blame.

Stand for change!

They might have bitter tongues, but they remember your name.

Left your legacy, burned from the source;

The future is yours,

Always was…

Do You?

The trees keep the night from falling 

I’m just an equation of morning. 

Where jupiter rises, I glide; 

No catastrophic moments filter in. 

Do you trust enough to lead the way? 

Do you feel enough to save the day? 

Did you listen when the Everglades called? 

Did your foundation, shift your walls? 

Let the pieces fall. 

Go numb, turn in, there are no answers to this. 

Better learn to dream, because you never learned to live.