Ahead Of Your Time

Rejected from sound, there was a stray who tore the rules down.

Mocked and proofread, under a microscopic society,

Deliver me he screamed.

Eyes of unprejudiced, could see masterpieces in the concepts of humanity.

Called him mad, pointed fingers.

He never wore the coat of a prophet;

No one could interpret his vision,

Abstract and silent, as it fell on deaf ears.

Took years to impact – like an asteroid blast into the atmosphere!

More then just presence, the words became linear.

Got into the psyche, arranged and left a mark.

A quark began, the Universe caved in.

Sound would ring;

There is no barrier – when the mind is free.

No care for the judges.

No fear for the witness.

Never stood for reason, never turned to shame.

Always the scrutiny – the world needed someone to blame.

Stand for change!

They might have bitter tongues, but they remember your name.

Left your legacy, burned from the source;

The future is yours,

Always was…


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