Subatomic Love Thing

Translucent chords drip over my eyelids as the spindle and sirens turn, light everlasting, from the orchestral universe 

Pull me into convergence, the solar sonatas rise. Kiss me through the ether, encase me with your fire. 

Walk in incognito, perceptive fluidity 

Words turn into matter, lust is energy. 

Can you touch me here, between the hemispheres 

Subatomic fusion, creates a strong illusion. 

Prisms of your flight reflecting in my eyes. 

 Iridescent traveler, reach me on this night. 

Pull me into orbit, stretch me between light. 

Scorch my breasts with whispers, 

Touch my sacred space, open me like a lotus 

Our love will radiate. 

Take me in this slumber, to another plane 

Fill me with your wonder, 

In the outer limits. 


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