Collective conscious

What does it all mean?

Similar polarity.

blatant synchronicity.

Two lives – same dream.

Do I follow, do I flee?

The world can be so shallow,

How I want to believe.

I ask for compassion from the Angels to see.

Am I just grasping at straws?

Should I just fade to obscurity?

My heart wants to lead,

My soul began to shine,

What if I am just a flake?

Maybe I am out of my mind.

The more I deny, shut down;

Close my eyes – I cry inside.

A blessing, a curse;

To feel the words,

To experience the notes.

Life lessons align, is this divine design?

Would you hold your hand in mine, as we walk through?

Is the impossible the real truth?

I don’t know what to do.

I’m numb,

I lost the hum.

Inspiration faded,

I feel blank and separated.

Does it matter anymore?

I’m at the door.

Two worlds.


Time stood still.

The syncretistic chill forever calls.

I fall, into oblivion.



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