Come Forward

Glory to all!

Touch thy womb, thy breath, thy palms with tears.

Fallen to your knees children, innocent and wept.

For on this day, great change comes to thee!

Upon thy house built of mortar and stone, thy will falters.

Weak and stumbling come forth and lay beside me.

Cease such inertia, as your fingers tremble and eyes cast shadows.

 Peer to the ground and remove all stone from your path,

The road you pave shall not be one of heavy rock.

The river runs underfoot, follow the winding birth.

It shall bring you to distant shores of tranquility.

Listen to the whispers of the trees, leave thy roots.

The wisdom is not in the ground!

No, the way of the Spirit is in the wind dancing in the branches!

 Sway as a leaf, ride the storm to come like the eagle!

 Be the mystery you are.

The sea is your guide beyond eyes.

It’s time.


One thought on “Come Forward

  1. You are so talented,I always look forward to reading your pieces. As always you never disappoint us! Stay inspired you’re a  ★ ~Peace & Blessings

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