Angels Of Wilderness

Here I am, in the middle of my room,

On my knees dear Angels.

I come to you oh so very bare.

No pride, no shame or wisdom in my hands.

Just I, with hardly a breath.

I shall not ask from you selfish.

I beg to understand.

All that I am, all I have, what ever is left;

It is yours.

For the will of man, I do not posses.

I wonder aimless in the gift of wilderness.

The lessons are at last above my reach.

Angels divine, please believe me,

I gave all I can.

In the darkness when you shine, I fall to the floor and sing hosannas on high.

In the hours you hold my hands, my heart is in your gentile caress,

I write the vision.

No one else will listen.

No one else really cares.

I always stand, without fear, alone.

I do give love unconditional.

My human soul, is longing to hold a hand.

Please forgive me for my selfish mask.

I tried with all my being to stop.

To be strong and carry on the path.

I called to the Masters, the Elders the Spirit guides,

There I sat, still.

Healed my past, forgave every last wound left open.

Came to the land of mystery unfolding.

So here I am.

In the wilderness with Angels.

My sanctuary, everlasting, by the sea, under the sun

Wondering if I carry on – or just give up.


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