The Promise

Was a cold night, the cosmos sighed across my eyes

Calling to me, look up and see what never ends.

Stood by my window, let all my mind go and went.

On the way to the sun, life played like a script so delicately strayed.

There were mistakes, heart aches, some lessons yet learned.

Flashes of joy, the births of a child, a lovers eyes gone blank.

A rise and fall, but the truth of it all was clear.

This time here, is turning, we should be learning much more.

Like a view from a aeroplane, I can see the lessons rain down on all.

I scream down… breathe, hold on, heal – can they see me?

I open to feel, they heave and sway like  tormented banshee, by their own hands.

A creation of man to absorb his greatest fears, but they wallow for years, help me understand.

Life is no prison, maybe hell came to visit, but through the inquisitions, we got freedom!

What are you hoping for? Why do you stand behind closed doors, this life is yours to change.

You know the way, you got to break the chains, walk through the pains and never look back.

Did you forget all your prayers, all the times you kneeled and stared into space?

Did you forget that you called, for light through it all to heal?

Yes, it is real!

So  hard to believe, but you have got to know,

If you ask, it is so.

Now you can’t let go…

I see golden glow, I see the rivers flow, I hear the glorious song, I watch the tears as they fall – we came when you called.

Tis a long road to fall, but this is the last of the trials.

We keep the promise, and you will fly.

Is It Madness?

What is happening she asked?

Am I trapped in a nightmare?

Is this a ladder, a redemption, madness?

I peer into reality from another view,

I am observing myself break apart, from the center of my heart.

Through this dark lull, there is a pull from somewhere.

I experience divine love yet there is no one.

I speak in tongues, no one understands,

Cast from Angels, shunned by man.

Not sure what I AM.

As I fall, I also stand.

I lost all my questions to the deep presence of being;

Screaming, yet still.

Am I torn in two?

How did I get here?

I remember wanting to come, to leave the ONE.

Somehow the sun and rain brought me through, a tree of light and a whisper from you.

I walk amungst immortality, I breathe energy.

My eyes bleed for what they see.

Vast is the sea of creation, even if we try to escape it, we will be shown

over and over the merging of life.

Great is this vessel of humanity!

The creator cannot bring mercy to us here.

We became, though always have been, experience.

The miracles come, because we keep the promise to carry on.

We have compassion for our fragment of conception here;

So we guide ourselves from the Source, the Light, the Omni.

Only gently it reveals, for the mind cannot contain such truth.

Two spaces are YOU.

Like a messenger of infinity, you spiral around the Universe,

On a course, throughout doubt and blindness.

All you see, created by thee, because only YOU knew so well

Your way out of hell.

A perception at the end of the ladder.

It gets clear, when the last breath releases matter.

Till then, surrender.

Relinquish Time

We are not boxed in a frame,
Social distortion, we live in caves.
Step out and be brave,
Nature will free the slaves.

We are not proportioned,
Like a kaleidoscope morphing,
We pulse and soar,
Like a velvet owl on a midnight stormy scope;
I’ve tossed you a rope;
But you have to climb!
Get out of your echo,
Relinquish your mind!
Don’t ya know time, is a wind chime;
It makes lots of noise.

Like a plaster-caster moment,
It destroys your heart!
Once you see in the dark,
You’re a macro star!
But don’t fade too far.

Life is a ladder,
Deep in distorted matter, to the concept of God;
You’ve got to climb!
I’ll help you shine,
But you’ve got to hang on…

Light Of The Evergreen

You sang to me, light of the evergreen;
Hazy earth, damp sky,
Your vigil danced in my eyes so wired.
Slight squint, turned the fire from a flint of a sigh.
In just a moment, you burned my mind.
Could have turned morbid, but you took flight;
Span like a circle of magenta ice.
Came to see first hand,
Who is the perception?
Strand by strand, you unfold like a chair of rattan.
A mortal a minute, a science fiction;
The meeting was friction, slipping like sand.
On the borders of man, was a whisper beyond.
Clear like static, from the ground to attic it climbs.
Rides over my skin and mind.
Fluid and acoustic high, catacombs and wine refined.
Church of fields, under a solar mile,
The evergreen shines.
Still man is blind.

Illusion I Am

Gone numb, cause it’s always the same,
I am good for a while
Like a giant band – aid.
When they feel hurt, maybe life took them down,
Call on the band-aid and play her around.
I am always a moment, some release in time,
till something better comes into their lives.
I was created, to be left on the side.
Always in mercy, the Angels hold tight,
Hang on they whisper, through the aching night.
I won’t turn to anger, I just let it go
From birth a mistake, I’ve always been told.
It’s getting old.
My heart feels cold.
I gave my all, but even the stars fall.
Lies, I believe.
Why pick me?
I am simple heart, ask not, expect nothing.
Soft soul, always grateful, always humble.
Do they feel big, as I cry, some sort of high in their mind?
She is strong, she will get over it, move on.
So sorry, a big mistake, you were there, I was weak;
They always say.
My only prayer if this must be, Spirit can you help me see
The blessing?
Guide me gently through their haze, I will surrender the pain.
Must this happen again?
I broke the first time, healed and forgave.
I beg, release the band aid.
Just for once, one true intent,
I’d give everything I am.
Not to be some illusion in the eyes of a man.

The Octaves Of The Sun

Sept27th2014 447

First there was light, 7 spheres deep, rings of geometry, fire, perfection of being. Creation held it at the Median of Heaven.

From each rang a octave, of divine melody.

Pulsing and spinning in synchronicity.

White is the pure, the scale begins the center.

The light created the Universe, and OM was the mentor.

Second octave rings, sharp as fluid gold,

The light created unity, the mentor would be OH.

The third octave rang, bright as orange heat, sound became a healing, RA would be mentor three.

The fourth octave rings, blending with a few, the flame was intuition, the mentor would be HU.

The fifth octave rang, yellow filled the skies, Angels fell from Heaven the mentor would be I

The sixth octave rings, red was a beginning, AH was the sound the mentor was revealing.

The seventh octave rang, all the worlds collide, the color was divine, the mentor was ALIVE!

It Was Said

In the eve, it is said, the woman weeps like the willows. It is shown she rises like the sun. She sings to the north winds.

On the daybreak, it is said, she walks in simplicity, taking each breath with the land.

No corners in her mind, no ache of her heart, for the water quenches her deepest thirst for truth.

So it is said, the lover sits quiet. No words can shed the forests dark edge.

The dragonflies subtle wings vibrate, the song is never missed in her soul.

Gathering wisdom and way by the fireside, she keeps with her bamboo flute carving.

In the wings of the owl, covering her to sleep, she dreams deep.

To the sky the Elders speak, the eagles bring a great change of gravity.

Come they! Soar and touch the sacred peak.

Harmony is the sound of man and beast.

They teach, they protect.

Stand tall woman, as it was said.

The Road

So long ago, on a twisting road, walked the woman of the wolves and buffalo. By her side, song to the sky walked the man of the crow.

The land was dead, blood was shed, screams tore the silence of the rains overhead. Hand in hand, they blessed the land and left..

Never looking back, burned deep in their fire, the call of the wild, the Elders and sky brought them through

Now born in the new dawn, they carry on, they see and reach. No ocean can divide their peace and truth. The road of tears weeps though

Connected again, time made amends and took them in. The road became a sea, and the bloodshed became free, now they can love again.