The Octaves Of The Sun

Sept27th2014 447

First there was light, 7 spheres deep, rings of geometry, fire, perfection of being. Creation held it at the Median of Heaven.

From each rang a octave, of divine melody.

Pulsing and spinning in synchronicity.

White is the pure, the scale begins the center.

The light created the Universe, and OM was the mentor.

Second octave rings, sharp as fluid gold,

The light created unity, the mentor would be OH.

The third octave rang, bright as orange heat, sound became a healing, RA would be mentor three.

The fourth octave rings, blending with a few, the flame was intuition, the mentor would be HU.

The fifth octave rang, yellow filled the skies, Angels fell from Heaven the mentor would be I

The sixth octave rings, red was a beginning, AH was the sound the mentor was revealing.

The seventh octave rang, all the worlds collide, the color was divine, the mentor was ALIVE!


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