Illusion I Am

Gone numb, cause it’s always the same,
I am good for a while
Like a giant band – aid.
When they feel hurt, maybe life took them down,
Call on the band-aid and play her around.
I am always a moment, some release in time,
till something better comes into their lives.
I was created, to be left on the side.
Always in mercy, the Angels hold tight,
Hang on they whisper, through the aching night.
I won’t turn to anger, I just let it go
From birth a mistake, I’ve always been told.
It’s getting old.
My heart feels cold.
I gave my all, but even the stars fall.
Lies, I believe.
Why pick me?
I am simple heart, ask not, expect nothing.
Soft soul, always grateful, always humble.
Do they feel big, as I cry, some sort of high in their mind?
She is strong, she will get over it, move on.
So sorry, a big mistake, you were there, I was weak;
They always say.
My only prayer if this must be, Spirit can you help me see
The blessing?
Guide me gently through their haze, I will surrender the pain.
Must this happen again?
I broke the first time, healed and forgave.
I beg, release the band aid.
Just for once, one true intent,
I’d give everything I am.
Not to be some illusion in the eyes of a man.


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