Light Of The Evergreen

You sang to me, light of the evergreen;
Hazy earth, damp sky,
Your vigil danced in my eyes so wired.
Slight squint, turned the fire from a flint of a sigh.
In just a moment, you burned my mind.
Could have turned morbid, but you took flight;
Span like a circle of magenta ice.
Came to see first hand,
Who is the perception?
Strand by strand, you unfold like a chair of rattan.
A mortal a minute, a science fiction;
The meeting was friction, slipping like sand.
On the borders of man, was a whisper beyond.
Clear like static, from the ground to attic it climbs.
Rides over my skin and mind.
Fluid and acoustic high, catacombs and wine refined.
Church of fields, under a solar mile,
The evergreen shines.
Still man is blind.


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