Is It Madness?

What is happening she asked?

Am I trapped in a nightmare?

Is this a ladder, a redemption, madness?

I peer into reality from another view,

I am observing myself break apart, from the center of my heart.

Through this dark lull, there is a pull from somewhere.

I experience divine love yet there is no one.

I speak in tongues, no one understands,

Cast from Angels, shunned by man.

Not sure what I AM.

As I fall, I also stand.

I lost all my questions to the deep presence of being;

Screaming, yet still.

Am I torn in two?

How did I get here?

I remember wanting to come, to leave the ONE.

Somehow the sun and rain brought me through, a tree of light and a whisper from you.

I walk amungst immortality, I breathe energy.

My eyes bleed for what they see.

Vast is the sea of creation, even if we try to escape it, we will be shown

over and over the merging of life.

Great is this vessel of humanity!

The creator cannot bring mercy to us here.

We became, though always have been, experience.

The miracles come, because we keep the promise to carry on.

We have compassion for our fragment of conception here;

So we guide ourselves from the Source, the Light, the Omni.

Only gently it reveals, for the mind cannot contain such truth.

Two spaces are YOU.

Like a messenger of infinity, you spiral around the Universe,

On a course, throughout doubt and blindness.

All you see, created by thee, because only YOU knew so well

Your way out of hell.

A perception at the end of the ladder.

It gets clear, when the last breath releases matter.

Till then, surrender.

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