The Promise

Was a cold night, the cosmos sighed across my eyes

Calling to me, look up and see what never ends.

Stood by my window, let all my mind go and went.

On the way to the sun, life played like a script so delicately strayed.

There were mistakes, heart aches, some lessons yet learned.

Flashes of joy, the births of a child, a lovers eyes gone blank.

A rise and fall, but the truth of it all was clear.

This time here, is turning, we should be learning much more.

Like a view from a aeroplane, I can see the lessons rain down on all.

I scream down… breathe, hold on, heal – can they see me?

I open to feel, they heave and sway like  tormented banshee, by their own hands.

A creation of man to absorb his greatest fears, but they wallow for years, help me understand.

Life is no prison, maybe hell came to visit, but through the inquisitions, we got freedom!

What are you hoping for? Why do you stand behind closed doors, this life is yours to change.

You know the way, you got to break the chains, walk through the pains and never look back.

Did you forget all your prayers, all the times you kneeled and stared into space?

Did you forget that you called, for light through it all to heal?

Yes, it is real!

So  hard to believe, but you have got to know,

If you ask, it is so.

Now you can’t let go…

I see golden glow, I see the rivers flow, I hear the glorious song, I watch the tears as they fall – we came when you called.

Tis a long road to fall, but this is the last of the trials.

We keep the promise, and you will fly.

2 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. Reine, this is so beautiful. Haunting, really. “I am walking backwards out of it.” I’ve been walking that way for a while, and it’s not easy… but so rewarding! 🙂

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