What It Is

I’m not the mystery lady

You can’t rewrite history baby

This is how the world went crazy

Trying to find the answer to maybe.

I’m not the reason or solution

Got to find your way through confusion,

Fear just keeps the spinning illusion,

It is what is it.

Theres’ no kinda complex notion

That will get your life in motion

Dreams are endless and vast as the ocean

It is what it is.

Change is going to knock at your door,

You can lock it and scream no more

Reality check will know your home

So why not embrace it and make it your own?

It is what it is

What have you got to prove?

What are you going through?

Everyone pays their dues,

Till they find their truth.

You got to live without fear,

So everything is clear,

At times we get it wrong,

So what, you carry on.

You got to carry on

Life does not belong,  lived in the same old song.

It is what it is.

So Far

Sunday, woke softly to a melody in my heart.

My soul wants to leave my bed and wander the sky.

I pray dear God, “why?”

My whole life, I was quiet; never questioned fate.

In this space, an immaculate dream came,

Unfolded before my eyes.

I could not have imagined how perfect, how delicate it would be.

Then, it’s taken away from me.

Like slow motion, my hands tied, I shatter inside.


My heart was fragile as it was, already been destroyed,

I brushed of the soot, stood and moved on.

By then I gave up.

From out of nowhere, came the most beautiful man,

Opened everything I am.

I was scared, and ran – but he held out his hand;

I set fear aside, let go of my pride and let him inside.

He kissed my soul, each breath became whole and I fell.

I fell deep into the well of love.

Felt like forever from above in each second.

But the catch was, he loved another.

Was like Heaven caved in,

Like I would rot in sin, my world began to spin apart.

Why God, why – I surrendered all I was,

In the deepest gratitude, I kneel in the mercy of you.

All you show me, the visions and moments…


For me to cry, to die inside?

Why take it away, why did you bring it to me in the first place?

Did you not see, the sun shine from me?

How feeling this love I never gave up?

How I began to soar!

The colors of this world were vivid and beautiful, my soul was filled with joy!

Was everything to me, can you not see?

I ask you why?

I was always these things, but now it was pouring through.

Dear God, for once I was understood.

It seemed like he felt it too.

In my prayer, I ask the angels to share with him my heart.

In this life, work on me more, to become enough, to shine like the stars.

So maybe in the next life, he won’t run so far.


The 7th Generation

Earth, Wind, Fire, Rain – What made the elements, is what makes us the same.

   From the North, the great winds blow, bow do the trees in whispered flow. The Elders speak in the northwinds cry

Soar like the Eagle and take to the sky.

   From the South pour does the rains, washing the earth of sorrows and pain, bow do the rivers at the banks they claim.

The Elders speak as the south pours rain,take to the plains, where the buffalo wait.

From the West, the fire will rise, over the mountains and in our eyes, bow does the phoenix as the world turns to flames.

The Elders speak as the West turns to fire, take to the mountains where Spirit guides.

From the East, the earth meets the sun, on the horizon man becomes one. Bow does the beast, to mans transformation, the earth is the nations That carry on.

The Elders speak as the South starts to wake, 7 generations it will take to bring us home.

Dark Blue Heaven

Lips of wine, kiss divine,

Close my eyes and go deep.

Eyes of blue, I want to look into.

Move my soul, like no one.

Meet me in a sacred space, let my words trace your heart.

Can you feel the energy start?

 Your sonic tones bring me on through an afterglow.

Paint my dreams with visions of love.

You pour into me from above and beyond;

Scorch my body with electricity, Blend with me,

In synchronicity.

Feeling you is dark blue Heaven;

Merging and swaying, your voice is entrancing for me.

Kneeling at your feet, I experience eternity.

The sun, moon and stars soar and spiral as one,

When I feel you close.

Speak my name in whispers of morning;

As I am reaching for you.

My beloved, I will stay true.

In stillness, I wait for you.

Night OF The Child

Hid in the closet, peeks through the door, humming and crying to drown out the noise.

Daddy is screaming and Mommy’s gone quiet.

The fighting hours has faded to silence.

Is this how love goes, the child wants to know?

The morning at breakfast, child sits through the glances,

The parents are ignoring each others existence.

The child feels empty; is this how they feel about me too?

Parents try to work things through again, Child hides at a friends.

Love, is it pretend asks the child to God.

Mommy and Daddy do this a lot.

The child starts to believe, love is angry, love is never-ending climb uphill.

Mommy and Daddy so caught in the trap, can’t let go and seperate;

They wanted to give the kids a family. Never give up!

The children want it to stop, but the parents… they never listen.

Then one day, Daddy goes away, Mommy filled with tears,

Takes a deep breath and starts again.

This time on her own, a new life, a new home.

The children now see, how love should be.


One night the child came into Mommies room, sat down on her bedside and spoke her truth.

We are proud of you Mommy, for letting go,

Daddy never loved you we know.

Why did you wait so long? All that fighting and yelling was wrong.

Now we see, Mommy and Daddy happy.

On your own.

Now we know, there is hope, that love is beautiful.

The Phoenix

It is said, the ground shall rise. From rare earth comes the phoenix. The escalade reach where peace keepers sleep.

Wisdom & trinity guide the meek, the 7th generation are the keys to eternity. Elders shift in shapes of the beasts. Listen deep.

Sow your medicine.

Move as the ocean, transform as the butterfly, speak truth like the crow

Love like the seahorse, gather wisdom with the owl.

Under the tree is still, wind gives birth to the whispers of earth.

Fire and water are one in the same,

Life and death are everlasting.

From the mountains comes the vision of Phoenix;

Risen above us, we fall to our knees.

Great Spirit reaches all who are free.

Quiet Heart

Woke in the morning between thought and a day;

Silence was haunting, no words to say.

Off  in the distance a raven had cried,

Time was like Wedgwood and corroded in fire.

Love is not black and white,  whispered the sky.

The season of the butterfly reflects in the eyes.

The heart of the meadows caress as you cry.


 Never expect, it’s a prison of mind,

Hard sometimes, cause this love was sublime.

Then comes the silence…

I sit in penitence, prayer and devotions.

I’d swim oceans, just to see you smile.

Please don’t hide.

I’m not filled with pride.

Our lives collided, why do we fight it?

We really shined.

I’ll sit in the shadows, quiet and joyfully;

Just to know you’re alright.

Slow Motion

Fast track world around me, keeping up with the economy

Elaborate vacations, houses filled with the next sensations

I am walking backwards out of it.

What is the next goal?

Does superfunction make us whole?

The wife wants a new car, fountains in the yard, fresh color on the kitchen walls!

Kids want a in ground pool,  blackberries and new clothes that are cool.

Husband can’t keep up, he is simple soul, who could survive on love.

Life got stuck.

What is the passion, is it some new fashion?

Are we all too old to be happy again?

Life is over and we can’t win?

 Watch all that could have been in slow motion?

Convince ourselves this is how it should be?

We had these dreams you see;

We left no room for possibility.

Outlined our lives before they happened.

No room for change.

People never stay the same, this is part of being.

What we needed yesterday, fades tomorrow sometimes.

To hang on to what was, is destroying what is.

We know this, easier said then done.

Time moves on, habit makes communion with the sun.

We bury the feelings, we tell ourselves it was fleeting.

Fill up every moment in time, so it never enters the mind or heart again.

Ah, but this woman, she never gives in.

Sits quietly in the shadows and writes her prose,

Her soul knows the truth.

There is no fear in loving him, no doubts in the man.

Met in a space of creation, two spirits being true to themselves,

How can that fail?

Love is not how we please another, but how we find ourselves in each other.

Love is not living up to dreams, it is who we are.

Love should flow easy, not one chasing the other.

Love has no age, no expectation.

This life, is slow motion.

The Spark

What happens when the corners of the road meet;

When you have seen years go bye screaming.

Lessons poured down from the sky, you hang on and try to fly.

Hit like a ton of bricks, but you see the blessings and flow with it.

What happens when the spark is gone, to carry on;

When push becomes shove but you never get up.

I sit by the sea, wonder what would happen if I went away.

Would anyone see?

Man verses mortality.

I’m not sorry for myself, it’s just how it is.

I want to go home, feel loved and embraced.

Tried to heal everything, I surrendered.

When I was feeling lost, I’d stand tall and give to someone else.

As true as I could be, to all that knew me.

What happens when that spark, fades to dark reality?

Years catch up, the climb to the top of the hill gets hard.

Everyone has got a struggle, who needs another weight down.

I came far, never asked for help, cause I trusted God.

This loner is too lonely, the spark is gone, I can’t do it alone anymore.