The Spark

What happens when the corners of the road meet;

When you have seen years go bye screaming.

Lessons poured down from the sky, you hang on and try to fly.

Hit like a ton of bricks, but you see the blessings and flow with it.

What happens when the spark is gone, to carry on;

When push becomes shove but you never get up.

I sit by the sea, wonder what would happen if I went away.

Would anyone see?

Man verses mortality.

I’m not sorry for myself, it’s just how it is.

I want to go home, feel loved and embraced.

Tried to heal everything, I surrendered.

When I was feeling lost, I’d stand tall and give to someone else.

As true as I could be, to all that knew me.

What happens when that spark, fades to dark reality?

Years catch up, the climb to the top of the hill gets hard.

Everyone has got a struggle, who needs another weight down.

I came far, never asked for help, cause I trusted God.

This loner is too lonely, the spark is gone, I can’t do it alone anymore.


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