Slow Motion

Fast track world around me, keeping up with the economy

Elaborate vacations, houses filled with the next sensations

I am walking backwards out of it.

What is the next goal?

Does superfunction make us whole?

The wife wants a new car, fountains in the yard, fresh color on the kitchen walls!

Kids want a in ground pool,  blackberries and new clothes that are cool.

Husband can’t keep up, he is simple soul, who could survive on love.

Life got stuck.

What is the passion, is it some new fashion?

Are we all too old to be happy again?

Life is over and we can’t win?

 Watch all that could have been in slow motion?

Convince ourselves this is how it should be?

We had these dreams you see;

We left no room for possibility.

Outlined our lives before they happened.

No room for change.

People never stay the same, this is part of being.

What we needed yesterday, fades tomorrow sometimes.

To hang on to what was, is destroying what is.

We know this, easier said then done.

Time moves on, habit makes communion with the sun.

We bury the feelings, we tell ourselves it was fleeting.

Fill up every moment in time, so it never enters the mind or heart again.

Ah, but this woman, she never gives in.

Sits quietly in the shadows and writes her prose,

Her soul knows the truth.

There is no fear in loving him, no doubts in the man.

Met in a space of creation, two spirits being true to themselves,

How can that fail?

Love is not how we please another, but how we find ourselves in each other.

Love is not living up to dreams, it is who we are.

Love should flow easy, not one chasing the other.

Love has no age, no expectation.

This life, is slow motion.


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