Quiet Heart

Woke in the morning between thought and a day;

Silence was haunting, no words to say.

Off  in the distance a raven had cried,

Time was like Wedgwood and corroded in fire.

Love is not black and white,  whispered the sky.

The season of the butterfly reflects in the eyes.

The heart of the meadows caress as you cry.


 Never expect, it’s a prison of mind,

Hard sometimes, cause this love was sublime.

Then comes the silence…

I sit in penitence, prayer and devotions.

I’d swim oceans, just to see you smile.

Please don’t hide.

I’m not filled with pride.

Our lives collided, why do we fight it?

We really shined.

I’ll sit in the shadows, quiet and joyfully;

Just to know you’re alright.

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