Night OF The Child

Hid in the closet, peeks through the door, humming and crying to drown out the noise.

Daddy is screaming and Mommy’s gone quiet.

The fighting hours has faded to silence.

Is this how love goes, the child wants to know?

The morning at breakfast, child sits through the glances,

The parents are ignoring each others existence.

The child feels empty; is this how they feel about me too?

Parents try to work things through again, Child hides at a friends.

Love, is it pretend asks the child to God.

Mommy and Daddy do this a lot.

The child starts to believe, love is angry, love is never-ending climb uphill.

Mommy and Daddy so caught in the trap, can’t let go and seperate;

They wanted to give the kids a family. Never give up!

The children want it to stop, but the parents… they never listen.

Then one day, Daddy goes away, Mommy filled with tears,

Takes a deep breath and starts again.

This time on her own, a new life, a new home.

The children now see, how love should be.


One night the child came into Mommies room, sat down on her bedside and spoke her truth.

We are proud of you Mommy, for letting go,

Daddy never loved you we know.

Why did you wait so long? All that fighting and yelling was wrong.

Now we see, Mommy and Daddy happy.

On your own.

Now we know, there is hope, that love is beautiful.


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