Dark Blue Heaven

Lips of wine, kiss divine,

Close my eyes and go deep.

Eyes of blue, I want to look into.

Move my soul, like no one.

Meet me in a sacred space, let my words trace your heart.

Can you feel the energy start?

 Your sonic tones bring me on through an afterglow.

Paint my dreams with visions of love.

You pour into me from above and beyond;

Scorch my body with electricity, Blend with me,

In synchronicity.

Feeling you is dark blue Heaven;

Merging and swaying, your voice is entrancing for me.

Kneeling at your feet, I experience eternity.

The sun, moon and stars soar and spiral as one,

When I feel you close.

Speak my name in whispers of morning;

As I am reaching for you.

My beloved, I will stay true.

In stillness, I wait for you.


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