The 7th Generation

Earth, Wind, Fire, Rain – What made the elements, is what makes us the same.

   From the North, the great winds blow, bow do the trees in whispered flow. The Elders speak in the northwinds cry

Soar like the Eagle and take to the sky.

   From the South pour does the rains, washing the earth of sorrows and pain, bow do the rivers at the banks they claim.

The Elders speak as the south pours rain,take to the plains, where the buffalo wait.

From the West, the fire will rise, over the mountains and in our eyes, bow does the phoenix as the world turns to flames.

The Elders speak as the West turns to fire, take to the mountains where Spirit guides.

From the East, the earth meets the sun, on the horizon man becomes one. Bow does the beast, to mans transformation, the earth is the nations That carry on.

The Elders speak as the South starts to wake, 7 generations it will take to bring us home.

One thought on “The 7th Generation

  1. I enjoyed seeing how you opened your minds eye to these Eternalities. I view these as well, in Storm Fool. I enjoyed how you painted these visions. We who contemplate the Eternal Truths get to view many adjoining Vistas of Unfolding Reality. Conversely those that can see stress analysis of steel or time motion studies of factory processes, ( which we may not entertain) credit each others Visions. but can’t accept that we see ours. Curious, no?

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