So Far

Sunday, woke softly to a melody in my heart.

My soul wants to leave my bed and wander the sky.

I pray dear God, “why?”

My whole life, I was quiet; never questioned fate.

In this space, an immaculate dream came,

Unfolded before my eyes.

I could not have imagined how perfect, how delicate it would be.

Then, it’s taken away from me.

Like slow motion, my hands tied, I shatter inside.


My heart was fragile as it was, already been destroyed,

I brushed of the soot, stood and moved on.

By then I gave up.

From out of nowhere, came the most beautiful man,

Opened everything I am.

I was scared, and ran – but he held out his hand;

I set fear aside, let go of my pride and let him inside.

He kissed my soul, each breath became whole and I fell.

I fell deep into the well of love.

Felt like forever from above in each second.

But the catch was, he loved another.

Was like Heaven caved in,

Like I would rot in sin, my world began to spin apart.

Why God, why – I surrendered all I was,

In the deepest gratitude, I kneel in the mercy of you.

All you show me, the visions and moments…


For me to cry, to die inside?

Why take it away, why did you bring it to me in the first place?

Did you not see, the sun shine from me?

How feeling this love I never gave up?

How I began to soar!

The colors of this world were vivid and beautiful, my soul was filled with joy!

Was everything to me, can you not see?

I ask you why?

I was always these things, but now it was pouring through.

Dear God, for once I was understood.

It seemed like he felt it too.

In my prayer, I ask the angels to share with him my heart.

In this life, work on me more, to become enough, to shine like the stars.

So maybe in the next life, he won’t run so far.



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