What It Is

I’m not the mystery lady

You can’t rewrite history baby

This is how the world went crazy

Trying to find the answer to maybe.

I’m not the reason or solution

Got to find your way through confusion,

Fear just keeps the spinning illusion,

It is what is it.

Theres’ no kinda complex notion

That will get your life in motion

Dreams are endless and vast as the ocean

It is what it is.

Change is going to knock at your door,

You can lock it and scream no more

Reality check will know your home

So why not embrace it and make it your own?

It is what it is

What have you got to prove?

What are you going through?

Everyone pays their dues,

Till they find their truth.

You got to live without fear,

So everything is clear,

At times we get it wrong,

So what, you carry on.

You got to carry on

Life does not belong,  lived in the same old song.

It is what it is.


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