Here I stand, face to the sun. Legs buckle beneath. Let the heart bleed. Hands tremble and breath is deep.

But for the grace of God, it is I who they speak.

Oh how slowly I turn, under the sky of falling dreams.

Nothing but the earth to catch me.

Now I am a child again; looking at the woman weep.

All you wanted to be, those nights you were feared

You could not sleep.

The little girl reaches 30 years, to the broken woman engulfed in tears.

Let go woman, you’ve done your best, your soul is tired, it needs to rest.

The little girl from the past, never gave up on you, as she holds out her hands.

Make peace with me, so I can be free.

She wants to run in the grass, play and laugh; sing to heaven and never look back.

The woman cannot lift her head, her will has left, she won’t last.

Words escape her, left but a sigh, she closes her eyes;

She whispers to the child, I tried, with all I am, I tried.

There is silence, as the sun reaches down and guides the child home again.

One day she will return, in the woman of innocence.

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