Look Again

Look at my face, would you know, it’s 3am and I got no place to go?

3 kids, no beds, no safe place to lay our heads.

Look at my clothes, would you see, we have got no food to eat?

Do not judge, what you cannot see, learn to listen carefully.

See that man on the corner of the street; he’s only got 2 months to live.

AIDS took a toll, now he lost his home;

2 kids and a job was a life of gold.

What did you ask me? Drugs or gay?

Is this what you assume made him this way?

You better think, before you speak,

Look at all humans as unique.

No matter how something happens, no one should suffer.

We got lessons to learn here, this is true,

We have to work things through – know the lessons are blessings to heal.

Stop living life in some ideal.

This is real.

I did not sit and cry, oh why me.

I did not blame the system, or sit like some victim in fear.

I got on my knees to reveal, the truth.

It’s in me and you.

We are going to fall, we are going to break, this whole life is give and take.

I am grateful it happened, changed my ways.

I don’t take for granted a single day.

Learned to be selfless, I have no pride, no ego to bow to, not stuck in some lie.

I had to climb, had to feel, take each step slow to heal.

We have this gift. a chance to shine, use your light and create a life.

Inside every set of eyes is a child.

We did not start out as derelicts or homeless, we had dreams.

We could not see the way, the journey.

We had to wake.

We had to break the chains.

The only way, is to start over again.

To be free, there must be peace, not in the world, but you and me first.

Quench the thirst for love, for validation, for understanding.

Then everything you do, will have purpose and compassion.

Change, it’s how to stop just surviving and live.

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