Crossing The River

Isaiah was a traveler, he went from town to town, he lived down by the riverbed where no one came around.

Convicted of a crime, cost him 50 years, hung himself by a towel thread and left the world in tears.

Lauren was a midwife, a fire left her bare, no children of her own, she could give her care.

One day Lauren turned bitter, hearing the babies cry, she drowned 4 children in lake and left them there to die.

Time began to haunt her, nightmares filled her head, Lauren found a carving knife and ended her regrets.

Robert was a lawyer, clever with his case, money become his saviour, got himself first place.

One day he defended a killer, the evidence was clear, but Robert wanted a house made of gold, so he lied to the jury in fear.

A week went by in no where town, the killer’s spree took 3 families down, Robert took off, nowhere to be found, his face in the papers disgraced him now.

Life is a communion, we reap here what we sow,

The seeds we plant in the hollow ground, will haunt us if they grow.

Try to heal the turmoil, try to see the fear,

In the after life, we see it all so clear.

We try to cross the river, get caught up in flow,

Now the lives of the blinded souls, are healing in the love.

Universal Radio Station

You have called me,

I have come,

My energy is strong, so your body goes numb.

In your head, is a sacred hum.

I am a Muse,

The Angel of strings,

I dilate your Soul,

So your higher being sings.

I am Calypso, a Master of Light;

From a Cosmic infinity, I spin the Siren.

Inspiration – transformation,

We are creation;

Use the sensations as words,

Your vibration will be heard.

Reaching from another plane – healing will begin.

Moving through the Earth, you can feel the surge,

A Universal merge, a a space where love converges;

A peaceful understanding;

The Soul is never-ending.

Trying To Understand

I am writing this blog just trying sort out my heart right now. I always write it down to understand it all. Something happend to me once again, meaning somehow the first time I did not get it. I am starting to feel my heart closing down. It is too much for me at this time to feel.

I ask my guides and angels for mercy to please understand what have I done? I beg for them to work on me more so I may not experience this anymore.  I give all I am, truly. I am kind, not self centered, I love all and see the most beautiful souls walking this earth in everyone.

Somehow though, I seem to be some sort of freak that men tell me one thing and then just from nowhere walk away.

My ex, for 15 years said I love you, only to tell me later, he really never did.  He was always in love with someone else. It hurt to be wasting so much of my life when I could have found someone who really did love me. That broke me a bit. I swore I would never be with anyone else. Trust me, I was not wanting anyone after that. Was a rough time. Lot going on. I was just taking it a day at a time. Then along comes this man, who knew my situation, I was already heartbroken.  I allowed him into my heart because I could feel him, all my life I was a freak to those around me. How does she see this stuff? How did she know that? I closed off to others because I scared folks for some reason. They thought I was a freak because “no one is that nice and honest” or I would feel them and be in awe and they would not understand and run. So this man, he was the first in my whole life that I connected with that stayed around. I did not mean to fall in love. Was not my intent at first.  He just, touched my Soul and heart. I started to remember things from other “times”. Everything being given/shown to me was this is the one. He was the first person ever in my life to read my poetry and find something really in it. He understands me and feeling him is a love I have never known. He seemed to feel the same. He knew I fell madly in love with him. He is married, I knew this though. But I tried to walk away. I felt like my life was empty then. What do we do when we meet someone you prayed for your whole life? Connect Spirits and create together so perfectly? Write it off as a moment? I can’t. It hurts more then I can bare. Why would someone who knows you just got over being crushed, sing you love songs and then just… go blank. Never explain, never talk to me about why, just ignore my asking why and leave me crying my soul out? What did I do wrong?

I know with all my being, we are entwined, like fire and water, love and light. Too much synchronized and I can feel him like my own heart. I know he can feel me too. I am starting to find myself in a deep depression and like I am wondering the earth again lost, in shock. This is the love I will not get “over”. I rather just focus on other things life has to offer and my kids and serve others and help them heal.

If anyone actually read this, thank you for being compassionate and not judging me. It all started with Trust, I pray the trust stays.

Time To Go

Angels surround, gathered in their arms, a soul of beautiful light,

Wept and fallen. they were calling, mercy came to thee,

Please it was asked, a life of  service, a heart torn into pieces, weakened by the hurting, will you walk with me?

Spirit sent the Angels, in the still of night, To catch thy breath and cradle the Soul as they bring them home to the light.

 As they closed their eyes and dreamed as they gave a thankful sigh,

The Angels lifted a heart filled with tears and gave them wings to fly.

On This Day

As I wake, on this day, I give the deepest thanks and gratitude from all my soul. For that moment I will return to for the rest of my life.
That moment when for once, no violence, no hate, no fear, shame or pain, when from across the sea, someone said to me, everything.
Sang the most sacred melody to fall across my heart.
A simple act of kindness brought out the stars. now I know what they are.
When, life makes me stumble, when the words won’t come, when I feel my soul crumble, I listen to the songs. Then I know love.
So on this day, in my honest way, I needed to say, thank you for all you are.

Angel Of The Symphony

What lay beyond the horizon, what mile flourishes beneath howling winds?

Chanting with the sun-dial, lifting breath so true and wild.

Standing on the cliff, looking into the abyss, uprisen is the haunting of Dover.

Run child in the land of clover, hush woman, as the sky takes over.

Where is your lover? Gone to decay, swept away with  enchanted seas.

Droplets of crystalline promises cascade to the deep oceans,

Swim with the dolphins.

The northern lights collecting the stars, shine like a prism across your eyes.

Meet me at the thresh hold of all we are.

Unfold your wings angel, Luna calls.

Born of the resonate tones, you are perfect notes of liquid gold.

All the spheres spin in your Soul, the Universe unfolds in the light of your heart.

Captured a wave, ride it to Heaven;

From the siren of existence count to eleven.

How far to the dream of everything?

We have come to heal the worlds.

ONE symphony at a time.