Angel Of The Symphony

What lay beyond the horizon, what mile flourishes beneath howling winds?

Chanting with the sun-dial, lifting breath so true and wild.

Standing on the cliff, looking into the abyss, uprisen is the haunting of Dover.

Run child in the land of clover, hush woman, as the sky takes over.

Where is your lover? Gone to decay, swept away with  enchanted seas.

Droplets of crystalline promises cascade to the deep oceans,

Swim with the dolphins.

The northern lights collecting the stars, shine like a prism across your eyes.

Meet me at the thresh hold of all we are.

Unfold your wings angel, Luna calls.

Born of the resonate tones, you are perfect notes of liquid gold.

All the spheres spin in your Soul, the Universe unfolds in the light of your heart.

Captured a wave, ride it to Heaven;

From the siren of existence count to eleven.

How far to the dream of everything?

We have come to heal the worlds.

ONE symphony at a time.


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