On This Day

As I wake, on this day, I give the deepest thanks and gratitude from all my soul. For that moment I will return to for the rest of my life.
That moment when for once, no violence, no hate, no fear, shame or pain, when from across the sea, someone said to me, everything.
Sang the most sacred melody to fall across my heart.
A simple act of kindness brought out the stars. now I know what they are.
When, life makes me stumble, when the words won’t come, when I feel my soul crumble, I listen to the songs. Then I know love.
So on this day, in my honest way, I needed to say, thank you for all you are.


3 thoughts on “On This Day

    • Deeply in my heart, I am grateful for the moment you have given to my poem, with understanding. Your writings inspire me. They are gifts to read. Much love and light to you.

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