Crossing The River

Isaiah was a traveler, he went from town to town, he lived down by the riverbed where no one came around.

Convicted of a crime, cost him 50 years, hung himself by a towel thread and left the world in tears.

Lauren was a midwife, a fire left her bare, no children of her own, she could give her care.

One day Lauren turned bitter, hearing the babies cry, she drowned 4 children in lake and left them there to die.

Time began to haunt her, nightmares filled her head, Lauren found a carving knife and ended her regrets.

Robert was a lawyer, clever with his case, money become his saviour, got himself first place.

One day he defended a killer, the evidence was clear, but Robert wanted a house made of gold, so he lied to the jury in fear.

A week went by in no where town, the killer’s spree took 3 families down, Robert took off, nowhere to be found, his face in the papers disgraced him now.

Life is a communion, we reap here what we sow,

The seeds we plant in the hollow ground, will haunt us if they grow.

Try to heal the turmoil, try to see the fear,

In the after life, we see it all so clear.

We try to cross the river, get caught up in flow,

Now the lives of the blinded souls, are healing in the love.


3 thoughts on “Crossing The River

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  2. Reine,

    Beautiful words that hopefully would move the reader into the stream of life (the river) now; rather that seeking an end with despair and regret…thanks for your wisdom. Pastor Chuck

    • From my heart, thank you for the time you have taken to read my poem and the compassion kindness in your reply. Yes, always my sharing poetry is to lift others and somehow inspire others on our journies here. This life is such a prescious gift, we all need as much love and support as we can find. Bless you.

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