The Mission OF Gold

Through the rains that came,

beveled the earth and their souls,

in the winds that bent the great oaks,

beyond the rivers winding flow;

Fires came and burned the foundations aglow,

We never let go.

All the waves that tossed the shores, all the illusions of comfort in stone,

A shattered dream, a broken home;

Was the tests of what we are.

through trial and tear, through confusion and fear, it became clear.

What seemed impossible and wrong, what seemed beyond reach;

Was to wake us to see, I am with you and you are  with me.

How can it be?

We held on through eternity.

Unconditional love.

Right before our lives and eyes, through breaking the walls and sacrifice,

In Freedom and peace,

I found you and you found me.

As it was meant to be.

A mission of compassion and unity of humanity,

Through creativity.

Golden beings of beauty, ring heaven on earth.

3 thoughts on “The Mission OF Gold

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  2. The thoughts from which your heart shines speaks of truth, the reality of pain and is open to the divine. You are a gift and a blessing. Chuck

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