As It Came

Geometric, intonation. bright magenta majestic circles, slowly turn as halos of light embeded as breath, drip into bliss. Melodic kiss.

Chords of mystery intoxicate my center being. The opaque sea of infinity dialted my effervescent rise. I close my eyes, and come alive

Oh child, where do you find me? i am the heavens that ring, the unity of love and beauty. Hush child, I will break your state of being.

   Soar child, above belief, through the ether, past reason. Like glass, I see into you, there is a jewel, shining in the dark. Let it go

Turn the void in, find your median, count to ten. Breathe in. Above your crown, is the sacred sound. You are the perception,we are the dream

Eclipsed and encased, the universe is calling. Beyond a galactic haze, fed into phrase, is the epic key, found in you, spoke through me

Master of fluid golden light, kiss my hands upon this night, words are immaculate energy, give to others as you see.

Mortal being, release the strings. Let your soul sing. We are here to give you wings. Call of virtue in your heart. A falling star, is what you are.

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