Glory Be

Momentum cascades, eons fade, light is the melody of incarnation. Silent skeptic, the galaxy calls you home again. Reach across the open

Worlds align, storms defy gravity. What came from mind is left behind, see without eyes. Star child, we are the equinox of being.

What is real? All you feel, all that rings. science is not reality, is it a theory of probability.Walk throught the gates of trinity lonely

allow the flow, the most incredible glow, the illuminated ones know, you hear between the words, the energy merges, surge on

The faster it comes, you will become, the sacred hum of all time and space. The universe is light diverse, simply call my name

Within the vivid alabaster dream, the center sun is spinning endlessly, we are the eclipse of all you will be. Open to thy destiny

I found you in this world, I brought you through a dream, I called you from the shores, of divine eternity. Come to me, in mercy

   Lay down thy weeping cries, look to the infinite skies. What is this cosmic maze, a siren a blaze, muse of creation, look into me

Let down the ego, the words will flow, pull you in an undertow of change. Open the soul, we are the flowers of Heaven. Let it rain

Someone will hear you, many are near you, keep your faith. Send the light of all you are, it reaches far, there is nothing more to need

There is a sanctuary at the riverbanks, a crystal water flowing deep. We bathe in serendipity; unfold thy wings, the river of life is healing

   On this day glory be, what was buried in sleep, woke thy soul from dreaming deep, all is seen, all is free.


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