Christmas Vision

Was the eve so many join the celebration of life;

Carols and feasts of the divinest right.

On this festive earth, down an ally never entered.

In the silence of tears;

Lay a man who surrendered.

Gave his life to his fears,

Stripped of all pride,

No face does he claim, no place can he hide.

No home or shelter shields him from  rain,

There he lay, in his word filled with pain.

Clothes  and blankets all tattered with filth;

On a cardboard box, drinking a can filled with booze.

I heard him cry,

What is left to lose?

In this moment,

Mercy from Spirit;

Allowed an Angel,

To pay him a visit.

She sat down  beside him,

Kneeling by his ear,

Whispering sweet soul,

You called I am here.

He raised his head,

From a cold shattered space,

Tears filled his hands,

As wept while he prayed.

Dear heart,

Be still;

For on this night;

Heaven has come;

To awaken your eyes.

Hear me child,

In your expectation of life,

Within all of this anguish, sorrow and strife.

In the fear and deception you came to believe,

There is a truth in your story; look inside and you’ll see.

The Angel sang in glory,

A hymn made of light,

Golden halos poured over his heart through the night.

Covered this man in a moment of peace,

So the messages upon him would heal as they reach.

Lay down child,

Weep not in your breath,

Your mind has gone tired and your will of life’s left.

In your birth

All creation did rise,

We rejoiced in your choice to journey in life!

Somehow in illusions,

Doubt led you astray,

Life became burdened with moments of pain.

As the man took a breath,

Deeply and sound,

The Angel lifted his heart off the ground.

This life I shall show you,

Was a blessing so true!

What broke you to pieces was really freeing you.

Dear man with no home,

You slept under the sky,

Blanketed under stars and whispers of night.

Dear man with no money,

You are free from the greed,

While others fear loss of it, you have no need.

Dear man in your eyes,

All humanity the same.

You know equality from your meekness,

As many see power as gain.

Dear man in your surrender on this very night,

We bring you home to your place in the light.

Your life will set examples for what man will not face,

When they find you laying here on Christmas Eve,

Stuck in their illusion of it’s  all about me.

Your story will be told for many to read,  the beauty of your heart will shine and be seen.

On came the hush of this sacred night, the snow fell and covered his body without life.

As he held to the Angel as she walked by his side, he kissed those he loved and bid his goodbyes.

Ringing from the Heavens,

A thousand points of light!

God came to greet him with eternal life.

So on this Christmas, let no man fall blind;

One heart bled for many;

It could be you or I.

Look not upon choices,

As failure or in shame,

We are all born with purpose,

Even the man in the rain.

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