The last of the day drips down, a horizon burns the earth in sound;

A million years fall across the waves,

There is a hum that seeps from the ground.

I am alone, just I and the sun.

I need not seek for the answers to come,

Far beyond the structure of thought, deep beneath a breath or a cause,

I shatter all the human laws.

We are the dream, don’t go back to sleep,

Shift into immortality, eternal Soul I’ve always known.

A crescent forms in shadowy embrace, luna bleeds the solar heat

The sand becomes a shade, a never ending path,

I leave my element in the tracks.

Ivahara dishiva, it whispers to me,  I fall to my knees

It is you I see, holding out your hands to me;

Time eludes and bleeds.

Raging corners of the earth, meet me in my sacred birth;

Liquid motion fills the ocean, you infuse as I breathe.

Child of the diamond dawn, all we ask that you carry on,

See through the illusion, hold true to the octaves of your being.

Asheka Lamka Neduru, The tongues of ancient truth

We come because your heart is open.

You listen without asking, you follow in the fires and trials without fear

We need you here, to keep the promise.

Walk through the glass, into the past, through the ether, into cosmic mass

Many of light, on this night, gather at the gate of illuminated lives;

We show you worlds and multiverse, we bring you Heaven and dimensions, without intention, you hear.

Travel in grace, the map will reveal, you are the key for many to heal.

Allouiah, seraphim, open the portals you have  within.

There is not structure, there is no pace, we are eyes, without a face.

You are awake, be on your way;

Speak of the new, we are with you.


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