Purging Creation

Here in the moment, a gift of paradise

Here on Gaia, the elements of light

Here to teach us, here to bathe us in truth

Creation is Nature in the perfection of you

As existence shifts, as we ascend and lift through

Creation will pull.

The  sleep walkers cry, as Nature dies,

But the eternal life never lies.

Just a change of dimension, vibrations deepen, we see beyond the curtain

The dove dives, the fish fly, they fall from the sky, to open our eyes.

The torrent waters rise, can you not see child?

Creation purges to unify.

What seems to have gone, is illusion, it is the uncentered heart, that can’t see the start of a new dawn.

Atone and align with the Spirit side, we are not in mind anymore,

We are from another time.

Man became a slave to blame;

corruption, conspiracy, governmental experiments.

All the collective conscience, a shame.

What lay in the great beyond, an immaculate vision, an intonation of all we are.

Creation is in evolution, leave this place of guilt and pollution from the idealistic blind.

Given a chance, the portals open, we reach and ask you walk in.

Let go of attachment.

Nature is healing, while humanity is feeling its way through.

We are halos of climatic blue,

Creation is always new.

Watch with an open heart, allow the sun and stars to inspire

Creation is calling you.


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