The Gift (By Tomas Sabina & Edited by Heather Feaga

The Gift (written by Tomas Sabina, edited by Heather Feaga)
The city breathes the dust of human bustle. It’s always immersed in a fast and never resting flow of energy. But down the street in the central flow there are some trees that give the old building were I live some quiet. The gentle sway of the leaves cleans the air.
From my 3rd floor apartment, I always see a girl staring out the window. Her facial expression is of apathy and loneliness. Sometimes I watch as her mother takes her away from the window.
When I go to buy groceries and see her parents and I always greet them. They seem to be good people and over-protective of the child. I do not think they let the girl out to play. Who can blame them? The streets are dangerous. But I believe it doesn’t do her well. She has no friends or even a pet.
One day I heard from the street a beautiful voice singing a song I hadn’t heard before. It was so clear and sweet, I thought it was the voice of an angel. When I approached the window I saw a young blind man who roams the streets aimlessly. He seemed carefree and happy but I thought he might be disoriented. I went out to see if he needed help.
As I happened to look up I saw the little girl watching the young man with a happy expression I have never seen on her face before. She climbs on to the window to better see where the youth’s voice came from.
I asked the young man if he was lost and he said, “no, this was where he belonged.” Curious, I wanted to know why this place. “Because here,” he said very securely, “I am needed.”  “By whom,” I ask. He didn’t know, he only knew that he was to come here.
Thinking I had a madman in front of me, I distanced myself a little when I realized that the little girl was at the building’s threshold. I was surprised because I couldn’t picture her except in that window. A gentle breeze began to blow the leaves in the street.
I thought the young man was someone she knew but I realized he was not. She ran towards him and embraced him. After a while she gently released her arms which had firmly taken him. They looked at each other, she with her beautiful green eyes and him with his damaged eyes.
“They asked me to come see you” he said in a voice that emanated pure love.
“I’ve been waiting for a long time“ she said innocently.
They embraced once more and he kissed her forehead goodbye. Then she ran back into the building. The young man looked at me as if he could see me and said politely, “Goodbye.” Then again he sang his song and sped off down the street.
From that day on, I never saw the girl again in the window. But in the halls I could hear her merry laughter. She sang the song that the youth had brought her so she would never feel alone again.

 I am honored beyond words to share this story with all, as it moved me beyond words. In this story is light and love. My gratitude and love for this beautiful heart who wrote this.  He is found on Twitter by the name @Tomas_Sabina and he shines!

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