Sow the seeds of barren sands child,

In the heat against the sky;

Raise the prayer and find your voice child,

Walk to freedom from this life.

Came the floods before the rains child,

Paint your face in song and dance;

Carry baskets of the grains child,

That fed your people off the lands.

Trade your weaving for some clay child,

Run like wind and walk on fire;

Come of age to take a man, child,

But you run into the wild.

Many moons have passed since then child,

All the villagers burned or hide,

From your brave heart that made you leave child;

Brought you peace and saved your life.

3 thoughts on “Nimbu

  1. i enjoyed this. It had a bluesy feel to it, like Robert Johnson was sitting on his porch in the Delta and singing this tune.

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