Ceremony Of Fire

With hands of gratitude, with a heart of solitude;

Gather upon the ground in a circle of wood.

From the East thank the sun, kneel and create a spark.

From the west, thank  the earth, kneel and give more.

From the north, thank the wind, kneel down and sing to the embers that glow.

From the south, the waters flow, kneel down and rise the smoke, toss the water on the flames that rose.

See the ghosts.

All that burdens and brings you sorrow, let it go and the fire will engulf it.

Head back, scream and chant, lift your soul in the flames and dance.

Feet bare to the bone, on the ground; melt with the curve of the ancient fire’s sound.

Lay sage and tobacco before the heat, bless the fire as it cooks the meat.

Before the light, we soar and feast.

Stories told in the shadows of gold, the Elders remind us of how we’ve come.

Pass them on, in Native tongue;

From land to sea and many generations.

Honor our ceremony.

Sat around the fire we pass our peace.

From my hands to your Spirit, sit with me.

The pipe and the sacred breath we breathe,

Blown into the sky, for Great Spirit to see.

This is the call of Family.

Bonded by blood and unity.

We are the medicine of eternity.

Asking For Love

Do not judge me, please

I am opening up in honesty.

I am not confused, small minded, or in need to grow up.

I need love.

To keep going on, to be strong, to heal.

I need human connection, not just the Spirit.

Otherwise, why am I here?

I love without fear.

I give because I love.

There are times when we all need a lift up.

Should I feel such shame to ask, that someone will think less of me or laugh.

I watch from my corner of life, at all the beautiful lives entwine.

They hold hands, dance, smile and understand each other’s heart.

I listen to the stars, whisper to Angels from afar.

I feel a small spark and light floods in.

Could it be him?

I trust, I promise, I surrender.

Forgive me for my tender sensitivity.

I am asking, to hear those words before I sleep.

So they seep deep, help me breathe, give me peace. No self pity, no sadness.

I love you.

Today, I am simply human.

I Believe In You Child

Scream at me in your tormented state

I will be quiet.

Throw at me all you can, my bones might break,

You are just a child, wild and not knowing.

The anger fills your being, I pray.

One day, you will look in the mirror of all you are and see.

I love you and forgive your animosity.

The truth is, you fear, you see love as weak.

This satisfaction you seek, will never give you mercy.

I won’t walk away, this is why we came, to heal it.

As you spew hate child, so young for such violence;

I pray.

I hear your soul say; help me, show me, a promise you made.

Release all you need, let your heart bleed.

Slowly, in these moments, it will start to fade.

I won’t give up, I will never walk away.

Stop and breathe, turn up the music and sing;

What ever it may be, don’t hold it in.

I am here, I will absorb the pain.

I will hold you until the wave passes.

I see, the light inside your eyes;

Let me hold the mirror, to reveal it to you.

River OF Trash

A thousand eyes weeping it was said, filled the canyon as a riverbed;

As Creator gave a single breath, it filled with life and flourished the desert.

On foot traveling from across the lands, Grandfathers and Grandmothers to settle and break bread.

Life was a blessing and brought beast and birth, now generations later, we live by their words.

A thousand hearts weeping by the riverbed, as man has dumped waste and toxified the lands.

The Elders watch as the children swim in death.

Is this how we thank them for all they did?

River of life, flow from creation,

A gift to our people, to quench a nation.

Bathe in its ripples, drink from its depth,

Sail on its currents and eat from its dish.

Lay at the shore, all tangled and wet, a Bison of beauty poisoned by trash.

Look at our hands, the virtues of man, with all of our wisdom, we tainted the path.

We must rise to compassion and guide the children,

A sacred lesson, for the next generation.

Heal the waters, the river of life;

Give thanks for their existence,

The choices are ours.

This poem was inspired by the 13 indigenous Grandmothers who travel and teach us truth and wisdom. They speak of the waters we must take care of. From my heart for their compassion, I am grateful for all they do.

The Journey Of Medicine

Lukawa take my hand, I am ready for the journey of medicine.

Where I am lead within, the sacred vision, will be my path.

Walk as my keeper, my trust in your hands.

In this life I am given, I am healing in every moment.

Reveal my weakness, unleash my fears, unravel my belief, until I am clear.

The storms came strong, I stood in the center, I am the watcher, the child, the healer.

Take me deeper Lukawa.

Show me the gate-keeper, take me to the Elders, as I become the shifter.

Through the harsh winter, I was the woman who listened to Nature.

When the stones were screaming, I gave my bones to Creation.

Great drum of thunder, is the beat of my Spirit,

My fire scorch the air, rise like dawn, rain from beyond;

An infinite beginning.

My breath converges on the tip of an arrow, taken on the wings of the sparrow, I am the traveler.

Lands thrive beneath, I gather the wind and am free, this is the movement of energy.

Shape me.

I am now in the deepest sea, the dolphins swim with me.

Here I gather the life energy, it is one with me, I honor it’s sanctuary.

Lukawa change me,

I lay on the earth, bare and raw, in this moment of birth.

I gather the energy of Creator, renewing in Nature.

I am the soul of the beast, here they will teach and guide in me.

I am the seasons of change, the Mana, the silence, the stillness;

The Witness.

Great Spirit gave me life, as I earn the wisdom, there is peace in my eyes.

I walk this road one moment at a time.

The Sands Of Time

Each breath has become the renewal of life,

When I close my eyes, I feel the heartbeat.

In the center of silence, the river of light reaches.

As it pours through, I see you.

Stood on the shores of possibility, the sands of time seep deeply.

Face to face you meet me here, no fear – just beauty.

I welcome you home, never alone in this life again,

We will travel the rest of the journey helping others see;

What is in you, is also in me.

Spirit will guide us into eternity, the sands of time will blend with the sea.

The sun will rise in our minds, creation will pour from our eyes,

In our hands, in our love for humanity, our love will never end.