The Sands Of Time

Each breath has become the renewal of life,

When I close my eyes, I feel the heartbeat.

In the center of silence, the river of light reaches.

As it pours through, I see you.

Stood on the shores of possibility, the sands of time seep deeply.

Face to face you meet me here, no fear – just beauty.

I welcome you home, never alone in this life again,

We will travel the rest of the journey helping others see;

What is in you, is also in me.

Spirit will guide us into eternity, the sands of time will blend with the sea.

The sun will rise in our minds, creation will pour from our eyes,

In our hands, in our love for humanity, our love will never end.


3 thoughts on “The Sands Of Time

  1. This is perfect, I was looking for a theme for my wedding and this one fits the bill. Your words capture the essence of my relationship with my loved one. Thank you, beautiful work

    • Thank you both deeply for taking a moment to read and leave me a note. Shauna, bless you both. From my heart, I am honored to somehow inspire. May you both have a lifetime of the most beautiful light and love.

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