The Journey Of Medicine

Lukawa take my hand, I am ready for the journey of medicine.

Where I am lead within, the sacred vision, will be my path.

Walk as my keeper, my trust in your hands.

In this life I am given, I am healing in every moment.

Reveal my weakness, unleash my fears, unravel my belief, until I am clear.

The storms came strong, I stood in the center, I am the watcher, the child, the healer.

Take me deeper Lukawa.

Show me the gate-keeper, take me to the Elders, as I become the shifter.

Through the harsh winter, I was the woman who listened to Nature.

When the stones were screaming, I gave my bones to Creation.

Great drum of thunder, is the beat of my Spirit,

My fire scorch the air, rise like dawn, rain from beyond;

An infinite beginning.

My breath converges on the tip of an arrow, taken on the wings of the sparrow, I am the traveler.

Lands thrive beneath, I gather the wind and am free, this is the movement of energy.

Shape me.

I am now in the deepest sea, the dolphins swim with me.

Here I gather the life energy, it is one with me, I honor it’s sanctuary.

Lukawa change me,

I lay on the earth, bare and raw, in this moment of birth.

I gather the energy of Creator, renewing in Nature.

I am the soul of the beast, here they will teach and guide in me.

I am the seasons of change, the Mana, the silence, the stillness;

The Witness.

Great Spirit gave me life, as I earn the wisdom, there is peace in my eyes.

I walk this road one moment at a time.

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