I Believe In You Child

Scream at me in your tormented state

I will be quiet.

Throw at me all you can, my bones might break,

You are just a child, wild and not knowing.

The anger fills your being, I pray.

One day, you will look in the mirror of all you are and see.

I love you and forgive your animosity.

The truth is, you fear, you see love as weak.

This satisfaction you seek, will never give you mercy.

I won’t walk away, this is why we came, to heal it.

As you spew hate child, so young for such violence;

I pray.

I hear your soul say; help me, show me, a promise you made.

Release all you need, let your heart bleed.

Slowly, in these moments, it will start to fade.

I won’t give up, I will never walk away.

Stop and breathe, turn up the music and sing;

What ever it may be, don’t hold it in.

I am here, I will absorb the pain.

I will hold you until the wave passes.

I see, the light inside your eyes;

Let me hold the mirror, to reveal it to you.

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