Ceremony Of Fire

With hands of gratitude, with a heart of solitude;

Gather upon the ground in a circle of wood.

From the East thank the sun, kneel and create a spark.

From the west, thank  the earth, kneel and give more.

From the north, thank the wind, kneel down and sing to the embers that glow.

From the south, the waters flow, kneel down and rise the smoke, toss the water on the flames that rose.

See the ghosts.

All that burdens and brings you sorrow, let it go and the fire will engulf it.

Head back, scream and chant, lift your soul in the flames and dance.

Feet bare to the bone, on the ground; melt with the curve of the ancient fire’s sound.

Lay sage and tobacco before the heat, bless the fire as it cooks the meat.

Before the light, we soar and feast.

Stories told in the shadows of gold, the Elders remind us of how we’ve come.

Pass them on, in Native tongue;

From land to sea and many generations.

Honor our ceremony.

Sat around the fire we pass our peace.

From my hands to your Spirit, sit with me.

The pipe and the sacred breath we breathe,

Blown into the sky, for Great Spirit to see.

This is the call of Family.

Bonded by blood and unity.

We are the medicine of eternity.

One thought on “Ceremony Of Fire

  1. Again a beautiful poem, packed with the wisdom of the Elders, the legitimate inhabitants of the soil, those who really paid respect to the earth and the Great Spirit. Those who knew the real meaning of giving back to our planet all that we borrow. I love this poem and the lessons we have to obey.

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