In Thy Sacred Heart

Oh child, where has days gone spent wandering into abyss?

Has the renewing touch of life-bearing root in the earth not kissed your Soul?

We reach.

You listen in the benediction of being still.

Where is the truth in your mind?

Step outside time and momentum.

In the center is the blessing calling you.

Come through.

Across the light we rise, beyond what lies even in belief.

Stay true to what you see.

A promise of eternity.

Child, we come to lift the veil, so the clarity heals.

We welcome you through the great divide, the arms of the Angels are open wide.

In the beauty shall you be,

Helping all humanity.

The service in joy you give on earth,

Is seen by Heaven and understood.

We ask your patients, even as you hear this, we see what surrounds you there.

We know your gratitude and care,

The heart is pure and the light you share.

Child, have no fear, it is truth we call you here.

As you allow the words to flow through,

In this space we are guiding you.

Share with others true.

Have no worry what they say or do.

You know when in need, they call us too.

Suffer no more soft soul, take no karma as your own.

What IS, now is done.

Your trust, brings you home.

Good Morning

Sept22nd2014 345

A simple phrase means everything,

Good Morning, is healing.

There is a million points of light on the breath of the words spoken.

A immaculate moment.

Never taken for granted, so deeply cherished;

It kisses the Spirit, it pours like colors of sacred prisms across my life.

Two words makes the sunrise.

Sometimes, I fall to my knees;

Gratitude pours through me,

Good Morning.

In this kind simplicity, came the prayers of Angels in a life that was shaking and worn.

A light of glory on the horizon.

It kept me going through the storms.

What might be small to you, is the world in my soul.

So today, I feel those words as I read them.

In my heart, it is a good morning.


Sunday morning, open the shades, wanted to hear the birds sing.

Just a moment of peace.

That was my first mistake, when you wake, I can see it in your face;


Here comes the screaming, here comes the words that cut deep, here comes the anger the put downs and the animosity.

I stay quiet.

Wish me dead, wish me sickness – call me a loser and toss on me breakfast.

I search in your eyes for the soul, for the light;

Why; I ask.

Such extreme emotions, you rage like an ocean of calm and storm.

My soul is getting worn away.

I go deep inside and pray.

Release your soul of pain, I ask you feel the rain,

I ask you find your way out of this horror you create.


I hope it ends one day.

Writing, looking for answers;

Unfolding layers, releasing emotions.

Scrolling across bits of paper, a vision, a mission;

A dance with mortality.

A mirror of reality, a choice, a voice, a second skin.

A conception, a intervention, a condition of percpetion.

Writing, searching, finding a answer.

Painting with words, with my soul as a dancer.

Who will read?

Endless puzzles, sensations and revelations all in context.

Words are not complex, the story is.

How is this?

Because you are looking in.

I am a window, the glass has two sides,

Looking in as your looking out, forward and rewind.

As the writing fills


I stand at the shore of my heart, watching you part on the voyage;

I am proud of you for all your courage.

Hold on, do not get discouraged, these days to come are a passage.

I tuck a smile into your pocket, my prayers in the quiet of a moment.

I do not own it, for it belongs to the stars.

As you go out into vastness, may love be your compass and light be your guide.

Release your ties and fly.

How glorious you are, like a macrostar reaching across the open.

In this life, never compromise all you are here to be.

I wave to you with tears in my eyes, at the blessing you are free.


Know Me

Some days it feels like the world thinks it knows me.

Advice comes from every angle.

Telling me what I am doing wrong, how to be strong, how to move on.

Some days the woodwork is a tree, it reveals the simple things are all I need.

Some days it can be tiring to smile, some days it takes a while to get going.

But life is flowing and I am going with the grain.

Some days I just smile and see the world like a child playing.

Who really knows me?

I keep compassion for those who dissect me, I have patience for those who try to re-direct me, forgive those who cannot understand me.

Really, it is all a journey, not as complex as we make it to be.

Some days we have to get lost to return to the path,

Some days we have to raise the sail on the mast and float free.

Some days just silently be.

How can they know me?

I came to explore my soul as creation.

Brought experience into awareness to heal my vibration.

Some moments hurt like hell,

Some situations bring me down,

But on the ground, is the mirror of truth.

What shatters the comfort, brings me through.

Expands my horizon into the blue.

Who knew?

I see the irony in the tears I cry,

I still ask why, does not make me blind,

It opens my mind to a million answers in light.

Do I know me?

I am still learning.

The Last Wish

If I had a last wish, you would know what it is.

To hold you in my arms.

If I had a last request, it would be immaculate, a divine star, for you to see my true heart.

If Spirit gave me in the last breath, a moment, it would be with you.

If I had to crawl through hell, burn at the depths of a darkened well, drown in anguish in the eternal, I would; to show you the truth.

Anything asked,  anything needed, if I could lay it in your hands, it would mean everything to give you that.

If I could absorb your pain, I would walk bare in the rain.

If I could somehow take it all away, without a moment to wait, I would.

I been through the test of creation, I walked through the separation;

I bleed till I felt no more, I opened and closed some doors,

From lifetime before, it all stands before me now.

I am not sure why or how.

But in my last of days, when the sunset takes it’s place across my soul;

I need you to know,

I love you so,

Only Heaven could show you this.


Dear God, what has happened;

My life collapsing before my eyes.

Like a surreal dream that just fell apart.

I stand back and look at all the arms, they lead somewhere right?

I called to each heart, but oh… it was just a sound they heard.

Where am I now – as the dream drips down across the ground.

Is there anything left to live for?

I go over my existence like a cloud, trying to see the way out.

What did I miss that it comes to this?

Was I always just grasping at straws?

All the fire I walked through, my bleeding soul, how I broke into a million pieces and found my way whole.

What was it all?

Can’t do it anymore.

Please, dear Spirit, take me home.

I have no fear of the dark,

I see the sun in everyone’s heart.

I just can’t do it anymore.

Please forgive my shattered heart, but what you ask of me, I cannot be.

This last test, destroyed me.

In my gratitude for all you gave me.

I am on my knees, with all my being, please;

Just bring me home.


A quiet life I learn,  is beauty.

A silent Spirit is harmony.

Stillness is sanctuary.

In my strange way,  my heart wanted to show I am brave.

In my open book, I wanted to share what I never could.

But in the honest intent, I never meant to be a freak.

I wanted to help others see, to have no fear, to share and speak.

I am still learning, grateful for the understanding;

Those patient hearts who guide me, who forgive me, who are not ashamed of my falling.

No matter how hard the calling, I won’t turn away.

This is why I came.

To be of service, to heal and grow and change.

I listen deeply, cherish always, love with all I am.

So in the words spread across this space,

I am trying it all again.

Smudge Sky

Dark formations across a livid sky,

Slight the traveler of space and time.

In the surreal hand crafted mind, ideas cannot define.

Smudge my Soul across the driving rain,

The silent virtues will bleed the pain.

The pendulum swings as the foundation screams, a thousand eyes are watching me.

Esoteric mystery, I walk from your secret mentality.

I am the witness and I am free.

On with your search of the holy grail,

Your ancient scroll and fairy tales.

Call me a traitor because your brainwashing failed.

There was never a cross to hang by a nail.

Speak in coded cosmic equations,

Truth is not hidden,

It’s all revelation.

In the light of Creation, we are ONE

Sky Painter

A story was told by the Elders,

A man with a vision of colors,

His Spirit pure creation, his heart was meditation,

to the beauty of all that is.

In his calling to paint the sky, he knelt with the rivers and mountainside;

He sat with the trees, the stones and the breeze – as it called his name.

He felt the colors stretch across the plains, he could hear the colors that beat with the rain.

His hands poured his Soul on the canvas of being.

His breath was liquid, his eyes were diamonds,

He told stories with his eisel.

In the vast horizon came the Vision of sublime

Filling his heart with  such prisms  divine.

His fingers became lava as he caressed her mind.

Fire scorched the seekers who looked with their eyes.

Behold the masterpiece of Eternal life.

She watched him in stillness come alive.

The dreamer was the sun, as he painted the sky.