Dear God, what has happened;

My life collapsing before my eyes.

Like a surreal dream that just fell apart.

I stand back and look at all the arms, they lead somewhere right?

I called to each heart, but oh… it was just a sound they heard.

Where am I now – as the dream drips down across the ground.

Is there anything left to live for?

I go over my existence like a cloud, trying to see the way out.

What did I miss that it comes to this?

Was I always just grasping at straws?

All the fire I walked through, my bleeding soul, how I broke into a million pieces and found my way whole.

What was it all?

Can’t do it anymore.

Please, dear Spirit, take me home.

I have no fear of the dark,

I see the sun in everyone’s heart.

I just can’t do it anymore.

Please forgive my shattered heart, but what you ask of me, I cannot be.

This last test, destroyed me.

In my gratitude for all you gave me.

I am on my knees, with all my being, please;

Just bring me home.

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