The Last Wish

If I had a last wish, you would know what it is.

To hold you in my arms.

If I had a last request, it would be immaculate, a divine star, for you to see my true heart.

If Spirit gave me in the last breath, a moment, it would be with you.

If I had to crawl through hell, burn at the depths of a darkened well, drown in anguish in the eternal, I would; to show you the truth.

Anything asked,  anything needed, if I could lay it in your hands, it would mean everything to give you that.

If I could absorb your pain, I would walk bare in the rain.

If I could somehow take it all away, without a moment to wait, I would.

I been through the test of creation, I walked through the separation;

I bleed till I felt no more, I opened and closed some doors,

From lifetime before, it all stands before me now.

I am not sure why or how.

But in my last of days, when the sunset takes it’s place across my soul;

I need you to know,

I love you so,

Only Heaven could show you this.

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