Know Me

Some days it feels like the world thinks it knows me.

Advice comes from every angle.

Telling me what I am doing wrong, how to be strong, how to move on.

Some days the woodwork is a tree, it reveals the simple things are all I need.

Some days it can be tiring to smile, some days it takes a while to get going.

But life is flowing and I am going with the grain.

Some days I just smile and see the world like a child playing.

Who really knows me?

I keep compassion for those who dissect me, I have patience for those who try to re-direct me, forgive those who cannot understand me.

Really, it is all a journey, not as complex as we make it to be.

Some days we have to get lost to return to the path,

Some days we have to raise the sail on the mast and float free.

Some days just silently be.

How can they know me?

I came to explore my soul as creation.

Brought experience into awareness to heal my vibration.

Some moments hurt like hell,

Some situations bring me down,

But on the ground, is the mirror of truth.

What shatters the comfort, brings me through.

Expands my horizon into the blue.

Who knew?

I see the irony in the tears I cry,

I still ask why, does not make me blind,

It opens my mind to a million answers in light.

Do I know me?

I am still learning.

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