Sunday morning, open the shades, wanted to hear the birds sing.

Just a moment of peace.

That was my first mistake, when you wake, I can see it in your face;


Here comes the screaming, here comes the words that cut deep, here comes the anger the put downs and the animosity.

I stay quiet.

Wish me dead, wish me sickness – call me a loser and toss on me breakfast.

I search in your eyes for the soul, for the light;

Why; I ask.

Such extreme emotions, you rage like an ocean of calm and storm.

My soul is getting worn away.

I go deep inside and pray.

Release your soul of pain, I ask you feel the rain,

I ask you find your way out of this horror you create.


I hope it ends one day.

2 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Misery and chaos. One is told to go within to find true bliss and peace.

    The heart is the sanctuary.

    But what is one to do if the heart is dead from so much pain and
    mental anguish.

    Then perhaps leaving the shell behind is the only answer.

    Until God calls one must endure or seek shelter elswhere.

    But if all eyes are upon you there is no escape until the Soirit

    Thanks Reine

  2. I know we are here to learn from it all. When we leave, we still will learn, only in another way. Souls evolve either here, or Heaven. It depends how you change your vibrations. What level lf ‘Heaven’ we can reach. Folks want to believe they die and go into the peaceful kingdom, in many ways yes; but in many no. We have awareness so we may finish what we need to on earth plane and not carry it home. Once we are aware/awake we cannot turn back to not resolving life challenges for instant gratification/ a moment of ‘peace’. I can’t anyway. This poem is about someone I care about who is releasing pent up rage. But I see clear it is fear. Sometimes we have to close our minds and see with our hearts, this is how we work through it all. As for being watched; become the watcher. This defeats the controlers.

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