In Thy Sacred Heart

Oh child, where has days gone spent wandering into abyss?

Has the renewing touch of life-bearing root in the earth not kissed your Soul?

We reach.

You listen in the benediction of being still.

Where is the truth in your mind?

Step outside time and momentum.

In the center is the blessing calling you.

Come through.

Across the light we rise, beyond what lies even in belief.

Stay true to what you see.

A promise of eternity.

Child, we come to lift the veil, so the clarity heals.

We welcome you through the great divide, the arms of the Angels are open wide.

In the beauty shall you be,

Helping all humanity.

The service in joy you give on earth,

Is seen by Heaven and understood.

We ask your patients, even as you hear this, we see what surrounds you there.

We know your gratitude and care,

The heart is pure and the light you share.

Child, have no fear, it is truth we call you here.

As you allow the words to flow through,

In this space we are guiding you.

Share with others true.

Have no worry what they say or do.

You know when in need, they call us too.

Suffer no more soft soul, take no karma as your own.

What IS, now is done.

Your trust, brings you home.


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