For A Life

We pray for others lives,

We want them to stay,

But what if it was their time,

What if we changed their fate?

What if their Spirit was ready, to make the journey home;

They seen the arms of angels calling,

They wanted to surrender and go.

Do we really know?

Why pray they should be here, if the light had come;

They lived their purpose, they made their mark.

Those we leave behind, always learn to heal;

So before we pray to keep the dying;

Ask why you need them here.

Prayer Of Love


May your heart be heard across the great divide,
For the one you love, to give one more try.
May the Angels bless you,
May the stars caress your souls.
May the sorrows fade away today,
May the beautiful kiss of life embrace you close;
I know,
On this journey of healing, on this path of feeling true,
The arms you long to hold you,
The arms you want to die in,
I may not be.
In my deepest wish, with all the light I am,
I pray your hearts are healed today;
Together till the end.


Invocation (a prayer)

Invocation of the Sun,

healing us from light beyond;

as it rises in thy soul

still us deeply,

guide us whole.

Invocation to thy heart,

here is the center of all we are;

guide us simply to our truth,

so our light connection will keep coming through.

  Invocation to creation,

we are children of meditation;

in this space the gift reveals;

the kiss of Spirit as we heal.

 Invocation to the earth,

we are here to expand and learn;

nature is divine reflection;

here we find our true perfection.

Invocation to the flame,

the perfect love,

our hearts the same;

on this journey it shall pass;

we find each other and come home at last.

Invocation to the Angels,

gratitude for love eternal,

in the darkest hours of life,

may we see you at our side.

Invocation to Spirit,

the omni, the breath, the everlasting


Revealed by the Masters.

Invocation of Ascension;

Guide my Soul to the other dimensions;

the blessing of service is thy call,

where I am needed,

I shall go.




Too much grasping, feel the knot clasping

Choking my breath.

Expect, request, demand, but it’s out of my hands.

Dear God, I’m in pieces, trying to release this all.

The ground rises and I fall.

The ratrace taking a toll.

I am a simple soul.

My light is growing cold,

With all I know, my eyes are closed.

Scared to ask for help, because I been the solid ground, everyone looks to.

Not sure what to do.

All the inspiration fell through.

The hope that made my heart hold on, is gone.

I am in burnt out mode.

Spirit, I need love to bring me home.

Enter The Angel

Time began from a spinning Ovid,

Through the tree of Creation, came a whisper.

We give you Spirit, we give you breath,

We incarnate you, to enter their realm.

With a heart of gold, love so pure, experience will be strong,

We know you’ll endure.

Lessons will come, to shatter your mind;

Let your Spirit come forth and be your guide.

Nature will speak as a gift of heaven;

A center median, a conscious healing.

From your light, comes the grace of words;

Keep them honest, for your energy’s heard.

Spread the message of hope to the world.

You asked in the depth of harrowing night, to find the other,

Who was sent from the light.

Child of the stars, as your heart does ring true,

We revealed him in mercy in this life to you.

We ask of you this, to understand, free will is given;

To every human.

This you shall learn, though you cannot see;

Your love for him reaches, in the life that he dreams.

Deep the connection, a mirror reflection,

You feel the perfection, in many dimensions.

We ask you believe, to trust, in thee.

Some life is complex, the mind creates content.

Pass through this, in the promise, you know and see;

In your space you are free.

Travel angel, the path of life, unfold the lessons and shine your light;

Set the example, it can be done,

By experience and healing in the prism of love.