Enter The Angel

Time began from a spinning Ovid,

Through the tree of Creation, came a whisper.

We give you Spirit, we give you breath,

We incarnate you, to enter their realm.

With a heart of gold, love so pure, experience will be strong,

We know you’ll endure.

Lessons will come, to shatter your mind;

Let your Spirit come forth and be your guide.

Nature will speak as a gift of heaven;

A center median, a conscious healing.

From your light, comes the grace of words;

Keep them honest, for your energy’s heard.

Spread the message of hope to the world.

You asked in the depth of harrowing night, to find the other,

Who was sent from the light.

Child of the stars, as your heart does ring true,

We revealed him in mercy in this life to you.

We ask of you this, to understand, free will is given;

To every human.

This you shall learn, though you cannot see;

Your love for him reaches, in the life that he dreams.

Deep the connection, a mirror reflection,

You feel the perfection, in many dimensions.

We ask you believe, to trust, in thee.

Some life is complex, the mind creates content.

Pass through this, in the promise, you know and see;

In your space you are free.

Travel angel, the path of life, unfold the lessons and shine your light;

Set the example, it can be done,

By experience and healing in the prism of love.

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