Too much grasping, feel the knot clasping

Choking my breath.

Expect, request, demand, but it’s out of my hands.

Dear God, I’m in pieces, trying to release this all.

The ground rises and I fall.

The ratrace taking a toll.

I am a simple soul.

My light is growing cold,

With all I know, my eyes are closed.

Scared to ask for help, because I been the solid ground, everyone looks to.

Not sure what to do.

All the inspiration fell through.

The hope that made my heart hold on, is gone.

I am in burnt out mode.

Spirit, I need love to bring me home.

5 thoughts on “Overload

  1. I can relate to those words…especially recently!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings….may the universe send you the love you need to bring you back to where you truly belong.

    • From my heart, to you dear Paul and Michael, my deepest gratitude for the time you hve taken to read and give compassion.
      I share the dark moments in hopes others who feel it aswell know they are not alone. To inspire others to never give up and know we can move through such moment and not become them. Writing moves the energy. Love and much light to you both.

  2. your source is strong no need to despond , we all have our days of weakness and strength let it be, give it up to the wind that shatters a moments grace in the dreamers clouds, it does not matter what shape it takes it will reappear like the smile on your face. practiced love always returns as peace , have no doubt of this your love fills the abyss.

  3. Tears well in my eyes and my chest groans.
    My heart is heavy with pain from your words.
    I live in anxiety, realizing their are no private moments anymore
    Is everyone watching my own private world?
    Are all my sins exposed?
    I know God sees all, but can I bear this constant surveilance from everyone else.?
    Why was I blessed with a disorder that made me realize the reality
    that I used to believe in no longer exists and was just an illusiion.
    I was so in the dark, that I ignored the fall I had had taken
    Can I turn to the light again
    Will I be accepted?
    Why were there such dark moments when I lost all control and strayed so far
    into the dark?
    Please Father guide me back to thee and keep me on your path

    • Dear heart (booderboy) we never leave the light. It is always there; this dark moment is bringing us all closer to the light, please remember this. There is grace in the darkness, it is what reveals the brightest of the light. We must deconstruct and fall to rise my friend. Trust, all we come to be is within this; it is the journey home. This is the blessing, the most beautiful unfolding. This gift of life, these lessons are all bringing us back home. Accpeted, it is you who must accept such, God-Spirit reflects all we are unto our experience, so we may see all we are in creation. When we go home, we experience US from all others’ perspective. We are our own judges, we will see through a million eyes.
      The universe is watching, but not through eyes, through US, to return to us all we are and can unfold in the mystery. The illusion is the seperation. Know Angels walk with you, that you shine like a star. The worlds we create are perspectives, we are ONE. In this space, be still; nothing is exposed. What IS, a open heart. The most sacred space to be in. Much love to you and from my heart, thank you for sharing with me a deeply moving writing.

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